Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Short Update

I'm just going to give a short update tonight, as I am still sorting out my feelings from the past few days and I'm not quite ready to express them yet. Too many four letter words may be written and I don't want to put them out in the public domain. Naya had a pretty decent day today. Great sats (in the high 90's - which is awesome) and great BP. Her heart rate was a bit high today but nothing crazy. She likes being on her belly.

Lindsay and Phil came to visit us today and Dan's friend Miguel also met up with us for dinner. We had a nice time and a good visit. When we came back after dinner, Naya's stats had fallen quite a bit (mid-low 80s) and we are still waiting for them to (hopefully) come up. The belly honeymoon may be over. The good news is that one of her pressers is almost completely off and should be there by tomorrow. Then we will start working on the other one. Her lungs are a completely different story but I'm not ready to go there yet. Let's just say that they are terrible. Awful. Painfully, heartbreaking. I wish I could offer her up my lung and just fix her but I can't. Super frustrating. We are scheduled to talk with the neonataligist and hopefully, the pulmonoligist tomorrow about the plan for her lungs. I just hope that her CO2 levels will be lower and her oxygenation will be higher tonight. I know it's a lot to ask for specifics in your prayers but we would appreciate it.

Thank you everyone for your support. It means everything to us.


  1. Saying our normal dose of prayers and extra specific prayers! Specifics are good keep um coming! Love you all! Stay strong!!! Xxo

  2. elizabeth pattengaleSeptember 6, 2011 at 10:39 PM

    We are local friends of Laila and Silver Sturgis. We both work at CHLA. Please call me if I can be of any help to you in these trying days.
    Elizabeth Pattengale 323 401 4645

  3. Jamie... Lynn Pinard here... I am with you in spirit, prayers and hope... You are strong, baby naya must also have these traits... many out here thinking of you with love... If you need anything at Clark C... I am available to volunteer in any way at any time on the spot.. I realize you are working from Los Angeles... just putting out the word.. still have my poly email pinard@calpoly.edu.. so many fond memories of working with you at poly... You are a wonderful mom.. keep up the spirit.. am with you in spirit as well. This is my first blog experience so I hope this reaches you... much love to you, baby naya and family..