Monday, September 5, 2011

A normal day of craziness

Jamie doesn't feel like blogging tonight because of today's rollercoaster of emotions, so her awesome husband will make a guest appearance and tell it as it is.

We came in this morning to sats in the lower 80s. They hovered there and dipped into the high 70s throughout the day. (By the way - she is reading over my shoulder as I type and has just made 2 3 grammatical corrections... darn English majors.) Her heartrate and blood pressure were just fine, so today's plan was to re-address putting her prone (on her stomach) so that the air in her chest (pneumothorax) which is above and around her lung could rise to her back. By going prone, this would help the air escape out of the chest tube (which is positioned below her lung). So they flipped her this afternoon and Naya tolerated it just fine. Her sats are now back in the 90s which is great news!

After they flipped her, the team noticed that she had some pressure sores on her head and back. This is normal given that she had so much edema over the last month and was unable to be moved. They put some magical bandages on her that will help heal those sores, however they had to give her a little haircut in order to tackle the head sores. 

She has also been weaned down on the epi to .08 which is great since we want her off of those pressers.

All that said, she still has very very sick lungs and is needing strong steroids to help her.

Side note - Ty just called and wanted to say goodnight. He also wanted us to check Jamie's email cause he just wrote another email and is probably awaiting a response. Do you remember discovering email? I don't but I am sure discovering that technology exists to send mail electronically is mind-blowing for him. Thank you Toni for creating him a gmail account. And thank you Ty for the awesome emails. They make us smile.

Other news... Jamie and I have a game where each of us tries to find the most hideously dressed person in LA for the day. Without getting into too much detail (we walk along Sunset and Hollywood Blvd. every day), it keeps us amused. We have another fun game where we jokingly guess the different alarms that go off outside of the hospital. At lunch today, we laughed that the alarm for fries at Wendy's was the occilator tube alarm having too much water in it. Or that the Dopamine/Epi/Oreo/whatever med is up. Our social worker was impressed that we could name the alarm that was going off in Naya's room when we were sitting outside of her room. I guess we come up with these games to help keep us sane and laughing, though they sound kinda crazy writing about them.

I'm sure I'll make other guest writing appearances, however before I sign off, let me reiterate how thankful we are of everyone supporting us. All the positive thoughts, prayers, blog comments, Facebook messages, Words with Friends games and donations are truly appreciated.

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  1. Your quirky creativity lets me know that the son I love is alive and coping with Naya's journey. Next blog: tandem responses, kinda like a duet? huge hugs to you three.