Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Plan

--Spoiler alert, Dan is writing tonight. Jamie is exhausted and feels like gossiping with the nurses right now, so I'm letting her be. I am surrounded by women and am a little annoyed that the Giants lost again.--

We came in this morning to hear good news that Naya's night was stable and that her vitals were still holding. Oxygen saturation was still at 95+ and her BP was holding. Her O2 saturation is at 96 right now, though we saw it dip to 86 during the afternoon. They believe it was just positioning of the ET tube that was causing the de-sat.

Her kidneys have taken a little beating over the last few days with the medications they give to help her pee (which helps her decrease the overall puffiness). They are cutting those medications temporarily to see if it helps, though it may make her edema come back even more.

Long term, the current neonatalogist is consulting with the surgeons to see what the criteria is to accept her for exploratory surgery again to take a look at her lymph system and do a biopsy. Criteria may include coming off all the pressers (Epi is still off, Dopa at 12), lowering/coming off the Nitric Oxide, lowering settings on the Jet vent and/or having more days of stability. We will learn what the criteria is in a couple of days, so until then, we are hoping/praying/believing that she will stay stable and continue fighting. Everyone here is just in love with this little girl and rooting for her. It really helps us.

Lots of love to everyone who is supporting us through this. We appreciate you all.


  1. Whitney (Edwards) RuppSeptember 10, 2011 at 9:26 PM

    I believe in her too. I pray she continues to fight and defy the odds. I have been thinking about her all day and checking for updates constantly. Sending much love and prayers.

  2. Go Naya! We love you little girl!

  3. I continue to send the link to this Blog to more friends and family. You are being held up by countless invisible hands and arms and hearts as we all try to bear some of the load of your sorrows. Prayers, meditations, and hope being sent your way, always. Tony, Annette, Alex & Eric send their love & prayers. Sabrina, too. xoxoxoxo Mom

  4. We've never met, but I was connected to your blog by someone asking for prayers for your little girl. Know she is in our thoughts and prayers here in the South, that she continues to stay strong and that God gives you the strength and love to support her in all she needs to be a happy, healthy baby again soon.

  5. I have been following your blog since Jamie started it and am sincerely wowed by your strength through all of this. My daughter is six days older than Naya and she and I spend our mornings before I head to work reading the most recent updates. I can say that Cecilia smiles every time I start reading her the blog, especially when I say Naya's name. Cecilia knows just how strong Naya is and is sending her positive baby vibes.

    Also, a friend of mine suggested a blog one of her friends has - - as it may help to read about a family who has been through a similar NICU struggle and has come out on the other side. It explores a lot of the same roller coaster of emotions you're chronicling here.

    Cecilia and I wish Naya lots of strength and positivity.

    -Cristina Cabrera