Monday, September 12, 2011

Another Lonely Day, hey hey

(Big Sigh). Another day. Naya had another stable day.

The good:
BP has remained pretty nice and pressers are still (essentially) off. Heart rate is good. Saturations have been decent/good. She was also a little more active today - bubbles, slight hand and feet movements, taking some breaths of her own, sucking on the tubing. I like seeing that she still has some of the natural reflexes that she was born with. Comforting in a way.
The bad:
Her lungs are still awful. No more pneumos but more cloudy on today's xrays. If someone could please invent a magic wand to wave over her lungs and get them better, I would really appreciate it. Her kidneys are also still pretty bad today. Urine output has been way down and they can't give her anymore diuretics really because they will do harm to her kidneys. It's such a delicate balancing act and a middle ground is soooooooooooo hard to reach. Again, it's all a cycle and that cycle is so freaking terrifying. It's so frustrating to not be able to do anything about it.

Dan wasn't feeling to great today, so I spent the whole day at the hospital by myself. It's a good thing Brooke was here - we kept ourselves entertained. I hope he starts feeling better tomorrow because he's desperate to see her but knows he can't be here while he's sick. I feel great but drank a ton of emergenC today just in case. He also slept in a separate bed last night so he wouldn't get me sick. It's strange being here by myself and not hugging/kissing him at all. I guess one of the silver linings of this situation is that it's strengthened our relationship and I feel like I love him even more than I did before. He's pretty awesome. Here's a picture of him from yesterday that he's going to kill me for posting. Haha. That's what you get for being sick!

Kolette is here tonight, so I'm hoping Naya behaves and has a wonderful, peaceful, stable night. Dan's parents are coming in tomorrow and I'm going to try to get out of here early and take it easy tonight. Naya's animals will watch over her. They are very helpful.

Good night everyone. Thank you for all of your prayers, thoughts and support. While I have your attention in this arena, please send your positive energy and prayers to a friend that will be having her baby tomorrow. Her sweet little girl will be born with a serious heart disorder called HLHS and will be here at CHLA for surgery shortly after birth and will be in the NICU as well. I wish her the best.


  1. I feel such a heartfelt attachment to your blog and Naya that I keep this page open as a homepage, constantly checking for updates. Your patience is really astounding, stay strong. Positive thoughts going your way. Wishing Dan a speedy recovery!

  2. Prayers going out for your family, little Naya and your friend and her baby. Stay strong.


  3. I am from the July Birth Board. I'm in north San Diego, so not too far from you. My husband and I are praying for LO Naya; that God will heal her lungs and kidneys. Your friend is also in our prayers. Hugs to you, mama.


  4. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon and giving you an ENORMOUS hug.

  5. Your family, in Chicago, is thinking of you always. We pray for your family and your courageous Naya. Our heart breaks for you but are so proud of the strength and faith you are demonstrating throughout this battle. God bless you, Dan, Ty and Naya!

  6. I'm also from the July Birth Board, and I will keep you, Naya and your family in my thoughts and Prayers... Stay strong Baby Naya!