Thursday, December 15, 2011


I sit swinging...
wrestling in my thoughts

blinds closed and glaring
fixating on the gaps

emptiness ever deafening
coldness screaming, seemingly never ceasing
despite the void, your chimes continue ringing

and through my swinging
my staring
my listening
I'm always thanking you for your sweet song

And wishing
always wishing


This is my poem
This is how I continue to feel every night
Because I miss you and grasp to continue hearing you

Always in my heart,
Your Dad


  1. Son,
    Your poem has expressed your thoughts that you have in your heart and mind. Always being strong for those you love, but deep inside you are hurting just as bad. I cry as I read your poem over and over. I am so sorry this happened to You, Jamie and Ty. Mom, your sister and I will always be there for You.
    Love You Son.
    Your Dad

  2. Courage and tenderness. Straight from the heart. One day, someday, I hope your tears (and my tears) wash away the sorrow as your days become filled with sweetness. Love, Mom

  3. I dont know you, but u are an amazing dad.