Tuesday, May 1, 2012

March for Babies

Sorry it took me so long to post an update as to how the March for Babies went. I had to work Friday night until about 9pm (lol - that was a crazy event), so we didn't get into the Bay Area until late. (We had a 4 hour drive). We spent the rest of the weekend up in the Bay Area, so I didn't get a chance to write and have been trying to catch up on my sleep since!

The march was great. It was really wonderful to feel the support of everyone there and to meet some great people. It really made us feel quite special and not so alone, as a lot of the family teams march for children that have passed. As Dan said in the previous post, we got a ton of media support which brought in (and still is!) a slew of donations. We found out that we will be allowed to accept donations up until June, so I am going to raise my goal one more time and keep the link posted on the blog. I am also trying to come up with another small fundraiser to do between now and June as well so if you have any ideas, let me know! I realized that I really, really enjoy being kept busy doing something like this. It's funny because even though it was a lot of work (and a challenge to keep up with as I do have a real day-to-day job!), the March was helping keep me sane. While I should be relieved that it is over, the past three days have left me feeling very empty and quite depressed. I think it was bound to happen after the excitement and euphoria of the walk - there was really no where to go but down - but I am so glad that we did it and can not wait til next year. I suppose that is something I can begin working on. I would really, really like to bring the walk to the Central Coast in the next year or two. I think we can do it. I really want this walk to be a positive event to celebrate the Naya's life year after year that we can do with all of our family and friends. I guess it's a way that forces people to remember my baby girl because I don't ever want anyone to forget her.

God, I miss you so much Naya. I hope you are proud of us baby. I wish you were here.

Here are some pics of the walk. Ty was on camera duty, so unfortunately we didn't get a lot. Some of these pictures came courtesy of my mother-in-law.


Thank you to everyone who came out and walked with us. Thank you to everyone who helped get the word out. Thank you to Lindsay Wagner & Phil Jagosz for having the t-shirts made. Thank you to anyone else who I am forgetting (I feel like I am giving an awards show speech here!) Most of all though, thank you to everyone who donated time and money to our fundraising efforts. I am blown away by everyone's generosity.

If you would still like to donate, we can accept donations up until June 30. Here's the link again: http://www.marchforbabies.org/TyandNaya

PS - Oh yeah, about that crazy work event. Zac Efron showed up (it was a retirement party for his former drama teacher), so people went a little crazy. And yes, I look like a complete fat ass next to these two in this pic.

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  1. Glad to hear the walk went well!!! Im totally jealous that you got to meet Zac! You look gorgeous in the picture with him!