Sunday, May 20, 2012


What a week. Who am I kidding? What a month. I am officially exhausted. You would think I wouldn't forget how tough it is on the body to be pregnant, considering I've been pregnant for two freaking years now, but damn. I am tired.

This is my first weekend without something going on in months. No work (yea! 10th Anniversary is over and it kicked my butt!), no weddings, no fundraisers, NOTHING. Except for the bronchitis I've got going on right now, it was great. Now it's back to reality again.

I've got another busy week in store. I not only have a whole bunch of work deadlines. (I need to find sponsors and finish writing our Season Brochure) but I also have committed to lobby for a bill in Sacramento on Tuesday. I will be leaving straight from work tomorrow to make the 5-6 hour drive up there, stay the night, lobby for 6 hours and drive home. Oh yeah, I am also 6 months pregnant and have bronchitis. (Don't worry, this trip is okayed by my doctor although I'm pretty sure Dan is not very excited about me leaving by myself.) Yes, I am insane.

This is really important to me though. The bill (AB1731) that we are lobbying for is sponsored by the March of Dimes and requires that all newborns in CA receive a pulse oximetry screen before being released from the hospital after birth. Pulse ox screens are non-invasive and painless tests that measures the oxygen saturation in the blood that takes one to five minutes and is administered in the using standard hospital equipment. Research has shown that a pulse ox screen can be used to detect undiagnosed heart and lung problems and newborns (including sepsis!) and could potentially save lives. The Children's National Medical Center has a pretty good FAQ on this, if you are interested in reading more. Although Naya did not have a CCHD, the possibility that the sepsis could have been detected by earlier intervention and potentially saved her life is very real and something I can't ignore. As much as misery loves company, I do not want anyone else to have to live in the hell of my reality if it can be prevented. The 6 hour drive to share my story and maybe influence some politicians is worth it.

Speaking of the March of Dimes, we are still fundraising until June 30th, just in case you were interested.

Wish me luck!


  1. You are truly inspirational!

  2. Good luck Jamie, and I'm glad you are lobbying for that bill. So important. I've been following Kristine's blog Cora's Story and found out about Pulse ox screening from there. Take breaks on the road though if you need to!

  3. It amazes me that it is not done already. Jaime, I am glad that you are trying to do something that both honors your daughter and will hopefully save babies lives.