Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Just a small update

I'll be back to more regular posting come Sunday, as Dan and I decided to take Ty to New York for spring break and it's hard to post on an iPhone. I am sure this post is going to be riddled with typos and autocorrects but oh well. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all of the good wishes and congrats that you all have given us and about our little nugget (our nickname for this baby). We really do appreciate and I hope to be able to respond to all the individual messages when we get home. Right now, I am just exhausted and have to get my pregnant butt to relax. We had a long couple days - walked all around midtown, central park and the upper west side yesterday (Ty had to see the Dakota and Strawberry Fields) and we went to the 911 Memorial, explored lower Manhattan and walked the Brooklyn Bridge. Exhausted and my feet hurt. If I knew how to upload photos from my phone, I would because I've got some good ones. I'll post a whole bunch when we get back, as I do have some more things to talk about, especially in light of some of the things we have encountered. But more on that later. My old ass is going to bed.


  1. Yea your in NY my positive vibes and prayers can travel a much shorter distance now.... I'll whisper a small prayer for you and your nugget in the wind and hope it reaches you all... Thank you for Shari g your journey with the world!!!

  2. Thanks for the update!! Have a safe trip home and can't wait to see pics