Tuesday, March 13, 2012

As Seen on TV

I used to be a fan of mindless TV. I loved spending a rainy Saturday at home, watching a Teen Mom or America's Next Top Model marathon. Because of my busy schedule, this occurrence was a rarity but it made me enjoy it that much more. 

My tastes have changed since Naya died. I still regard my bed and TV as my comfort zone but instead of bad, pointless reality shows, I prefer watch mindless comedies such as The Office or How I Met Your Mother reruns on Netflix. (That way, I can avoid commercials. Nothing can ruin my day like a pampers commercial or that stupid Anthem Nurse line lady urging people to call anytime because "newborns don't keep business hours." Where were you when I needed you 8 months ago?!  Bitch. Oh - have I mentioned that I'm still in my depressive funk and am having anger issues again. At least they are being directed towards the television.  

Anyway, you won't catch me watching E! or MTV anymore. I absolutely can not stand E! (Um, why don't they just rename it The Kardashian Network already, since that is the only thing they freaking play! Instead of E! It can be K!) And MTV? They should rename that network "Bitches whose ass I want to Kick." I mean, Jersey Shore. Really? Is five seasons of watching the same people get drunk and do stupid shit over and over again entertainment? Blah!

I used to really enjoy Teen Mom or 16 and Pregnant. Now I go out of my to avoid it. It literally eats me up inside that all these little girls are accidentally getting pregnant an having all these perfect, healthy beautiful babies and then royally fucking up their kid's lives with ridiculous drama. Now, I know that some of those girls have their shit together but most of them are fighting with their families, struggling with money, getting arrested, doing drugs or making extremely poor and selfish descions. It's just so depressing that people like that little bitch Janelle on Teen Mom have beautiful, healthy children (that they don't even take care of!) and my baby is dead. 

This brings me to the other thing that absolutely disgusts me right now. Snooki is pregnant. Are you shitting me? The universe has allowed Snooki to spawn and my baby is dead. I was flipping through the channels over the weekend and I actually stopped on E! because Fashion Police was on. (I love Joan Rivers snarkiness.) They brought up the fact that Snooki is knocked up and Juliana Rancic kind of reiterated my above reaction (she is experiencing infertility). Her reaction was so honest and so painful, that I just wanted to jump in the TV and give her a hug. When you experience a pregnancy loss or confront infertility, seeing people accidentally getting pregnant just breaks your heart and proves how unfair life really is.

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  1. I saw that on E! too. I felt just the same way for Juliana. I can't imagine what she feels that she can't get pregnant, but Snooki can. I can't watch Jersey Shore, too many idiots.