Thursday, November 10, 2011


I found this the other day and thought of a friend that also lost a child. The words are still making me cry but in a good way. I long for my butterfly, new and old.

"The butterfly has long been a powerful symbol across many cultures. It is a symbol of transformation, of the spirit and the soul, and of the unending cycle of life and death.

To the Greeks the butterfly was the symbol of the soul, and it was believed that each butterfly was a human soul searching for a new incarnation. The Celts also believed that butterflies were new souls seeking life. They believed that a woman became pregnant by swallowing these tiny butterfly souls.

The metamorphosis of the butterfly is a powerful symbol in so many ways for us when we are grieving. They are the beautiful tiny spark of life that came to us, lighted in our lives for a too brief moment before fluttering away. They are the hope that the transformation that loss brings into our life, can result in something different, something beautiful. We may not be the same at the end of our journey, but we have grown, we are able to see things that we could not before. They are the hope that we may swallow that butterfly soul searching for us, and hold a baby in our bodies and in our arms once more."


  1. I believe that about butterflies. In fact I have one tattooed on my neck in memory of my grandparents. I plan to get 2 small butterflies for my angel babies. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. sung by Dave Matthews...

    I am not a lucky man...
    I am not a lucky man...
    You are like a butterfly
    A Catipillars dream to fly
    So bust out of this old cocoon
    And dry your wings off
    Go ahead, and fly

    Its always such a lonely loom
    Its sudden like a broken bone
    And your luck wont always come along
    So dry your tears away
    Go ahead and fly

    Dry your tears away
    Don't you, Cry

  3. Just for today, do not worry.
    Just for today, do not anger.

    You are a fighter Jamie....Naya is watching over you every day. She is your little angel and will always be there in your heart.