Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Another Step in Making Change

I apologize for taking so much time between posts lately. I am absolutely exhausted. 37 weeks 1 day pregnant today and I am feeling it. The way I am carrying this (bigger) baby is really having an affect on my body. I can manage to get myself up to go to work but that is about it at this point. I get home and I am DONE. It's a real struggle to cook dinner for the family and keep the house clean at this point. I tried to sweep the living room today and I had to lay down afterwards because my back hurt. I am looking forward to not being pregnant anymore and soon. My poor body needs a break.

I know a lot of people have wondered what we are doing with the whole legal situation right now. I can't go into that quite yet but I did want to share a meeting Dan and I had last week with the Vice President of Medical Affairs at the Hospital where I gave birth to Naya. It was quite interesting and, honestly, a good experience. I went in there expecting to be placated and brushed off but was pleasantly surprised when the opposite happened. He was very forthcoming, apologetic and honest. He admitted that there were faults in what happened and took responsibility for them. He also apologized, which I know sounds like a small gesture, but it was one in which we were really appreciative of. No one has done this so far, especially not the old pediatrician. It was bittersweet to hear but it helped. Nothing is going to bring her back (believe me, if there was something I would have tried it) but it helped to hear that we did everything we could have and other people screwed up. Multiple times. Ugh.

He also told us that some steps were being taken to prevent this from happening again. There was and is going to be another internal review process, especially concerning the behavior of the pediatrician. We are not legally permitted to know what occurs because of the process but he told us that sometimes physician's privileges are revoked until they go back to school to "relearn" procedure. He also told us that the hospital is planning on creating a new position in their labor and delivery department to help ensure that this does not happen again. They are hiring a neonatal Nurse Practitioner to act as a liaison between their nurses and the doctors. This person would be in charge of looking for inconsistencies and acting on them. (In our case - this person would have seen that the nurses noted that Naya hadn't pooped and wasn't eating and it would have been her job to raise the red flag, despite what the doctor might have ordered.) We were very glad to hear this and are thankful that the hospital is taking this seriously. Our hope is that this will prevent other families from having to go through a similar experience. I wish we didn't have to be poster children for change but since I can't change what happened, I have to do something. It gives her life some purpose and that helps. Somewhat. I still would rather have her back.


  1. Love you friend. You're absolutely amazing, and I'm sooooo happy that the hospital is taking the necessary steps for change.

  2. I like your new format change on the blog, but the gray font the posts are in, make it really hard to read.I think making them a small amount darker would help a lot.

  3. I know that it is little consolation for your loss but I am glad that you and Dan are finally catching a bit of a break, you deserve it. I'm sending lots of positive thoughts your way through these last exhausting weeks. Can't wait to hear of this nugget.

  4. I have never commented on here but have been
    following your journey since almost the beginning. How I ran into "Notes of Naya", I dont really remember; but I do know it was last September when my daughter had just lost a baby. The reason I am posting now is to share with you that I am glad you are having some luck with the hospital. I have always wondered if the hospital your tragedy occurred at was the same my daughter had her experience at...and it was a bad experience to be sure. Lets just say she was left to deliver her little boy by herself, when no one would believe her that she felt she was in labor. Later that night we almost lost her, as she was rushed into surgery for blood transfusions. Its been almost a year now and the horror remains. My daughter is physically fine but is still so emotionally
    wounded. We all miss the little boy we were so excited to meet. When I read of how you miss your little Naya, I can honestly say I know a little of how you must feel. We all got to hold our little guy but it was too late; he was taken from us before he even had a chance, and yes, I blame the hospital, and the nurses, and the protocol. I hope to heck that we are talking about the same hospital so that these changes that are taking place will be in baby Charlies honor as well. Thank you for listening, and thank you for being so brave as to tell your story and sharing it with us all. Believe me, it helps.