Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012 Holiday Round-Up

Holidays this year were both exciting and exhausting with it being Rhone's first Christmas. We did lots of celebrating and were able to spend time with my in-laws, who came down from Northern California, and my sister, who flew home for the Holidays from Kenya.

Like many things in my life, it was bittersweet. While I was so happy that Rhone was celebrating (and enjoying) his first Christmas, I was missing Naya desperately and completely feeling guilty about the fact that I wanted to celebrate this year. Ty also decided to fly to Chicago with his father to visit his grandparents and left on Christmas Eve, so I was also without him for the first time during the Holidays. We celebrated Christmas with him on December 23.

I guess, in a funny way though, him being gone lessened the pain of Naya not being here. Somehow having two children be absent made it feel less obvious that one is always not going to be there. 

Anyway, here are some of the pictures from the Holidays. I know I haven't shared a photo of him in awhile and he's getting so big! (Four months old today!). I plan on writing a longer post tomorrow.  I have been in kind of a funk for the past couple of weeks now and I am finally feeling like I am coming out of it.

 Ty and Rhone

My dad totally photobombed this one.

 Rhone in his exersaucer from Santa

 Rhone opening a present

 Santa Rhone

Me, Dan & Rhone


  1. Rhone is so adorable--I love that smile in the Santa picture :)


  2. Always looking forward to any upgdate from you! Glad little Rhone had a great first Christmas. Still think of you all and esp. baby Naya often.
    Hugs from a July '11 Mama

  3. Rhone looks so happy and he is just adorable! You have a beautiful family. These pictures rock :) I hope you are finding more and more sunshine these days.